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DJI Matrice 30
DJI Matrice 30 8299,00 
Brand: DJI

DJI Matrice 30T (With Thermal)


  • Lightweight and portable, for those who are mobile
  • Integrated Wide, Zoom, and Infrared cameras with a Laser Rangefinder sensor
  • IP55 ingress protection, and -20° C~50° C temperature operation range
  • Remote control is tailor-made for enterprise users
  • 41-Min Max. Flight Time [1]
  • Compatible with FlightHub 2 for efficient ground-to-cloud synergy
  • Support remote deployment operations with DJI Dock

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    DJI Matrice 30T


    Everything for real heroes

    Уникальная интеллектуальная съемочная система для любых задач

    Unique aerial intelligence to capture everything

    Невероятная надежность в суровых условиях

    Reliable in the harshest of environments

    Легко взять в собой куда угодно

    Portable to go wherever you go

    Готов последовать за вами и помочь в решении любых задач!

    Ready, when you are, to overcome the unknown

    A New Generation of Commercial Drones

    Matrice 30 и Matrice 30T

    Matrice 30
    Matrice 30T

    Powerful Flight Performance

    A balance of power and portability delivers higher operational efficiency

    41 min

    Max Max Flight Time[1]

    15 m/s

    Max Wind Resistance[2]

    7000 m

    Service Ceiling[3]

    23 m/s

    Max Speed

    Flexibility to environmental conditions

    Environmental Adaptability

    With IP55 protection, the M30 can easily handle adverse weather and temperatures ranging from -20° C~50° C.

    Safety and reliability

    Safe and Reliable

    Dual-vision and ToF sensors appear on all six sides of the aircraft, keeping it and your mission safe. The built-in ADS-B receiver provides timely warnings of any incoming crewed aircraft nearby.

    Redundancies and Backup Systems

    Built-in advanced redundancy systems help keep your critical missions going even in unexpected scenarios.

    Redundancy and duplication of important systems

    Enhanced Transmission

    Four built-in antennas support OcuSync 3 Enterprise, which enables triple-channel 1080p video transmission, and seamless swapping between input feeds, even in complex environments.

    Bolster your connection with DJI Cellular Module, an optional 4G dongle4 that supports stable video transmission in complex, or remote work environments.

    Lightweight and Portable

    The design of the Matrice 30 is thought out to the smallest detail. Compact and foldable, the M30 Series is easy to pack up, carry, and deploy.

    Capture Everything

    The M30 Series integrates wide, zoom, and thermal cameras (M30T only) with a laser rangefinder, which together can capture the aerial data you need, when you need it.

    Wide camera

    Wide Camera

    Equivalent Focal Length: 24 mm, DFOV: 84°
    12 MP 1/2'' CMOS Sensor
    Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

    Zoom camera

    Zoom Camera

    48 MP 1/2'' CMOS Sensor
    5x-16x Optical Zoom
    Max 200x Hybrid Zoom
    Photo Resolution: 8K
    Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

    Thermal imager

    Thermal Imaging Camera

    Equivalent Focal Length: 40 mm
    Resolution: 640×512
    Frame Rate: 30fps
    Measurement Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2%[5]

    Laser rangefinder

    Laser Rangefinder

    Range: 3 m - 1200 m
    Accuracy: ±(0.2m+D×0.15%)[6]

    Built For Commercial Drone Pilots

    The 7-inch widescreen DJI RC Plus with dual control mode is tailor-made for Enterprise users.

    The module is adapted to work with difficult environmental conditions, having an IP54 protection class, protection against water and dust, the ability to work at temperatures from -20°C to 50°C.

    Designed specifically for professional use

    Improved Stability and Battery Life

    4 antennas and OcuSync 3 Enterprise

    Four Antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise

    Cover more area with stable video transmission and removable dual-antennas.

    DJI Mobile Communication Module[4]

    DJI Cellular Module[4]

    Attach a DJI Cellular Module for added 4G support to supplement OcuSync 3 Enterprise.

    Longer working life

    Extended Battery Life

    Internal and external battery configuration powers 6 hours of battery life and enables hot-swapping for seamless, uninterrupted flight operations.

    Introducing the All-new DJI Pilot 2

    A revamped Enterprise flight interface designed to improve piloting efficiency and flight safety.

    Pilot 2 works seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus. Screenside and customizable buttons are all within reach and enable quick operations, such as adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints. Drone and payload controls can be easily accessed with one tap. Clear presentation of flight details and navigational information improves user experience and flight efficiency.

    New DJI Pilot 2 app

    DJI FlightHub 2

    FlightHub 2 offers a 2.5D Base Map for quick terrain awareness, One-Tap Panorama Sync for rapid site overviews, and Cloud Mapping for fast mapping in RGB or infrared. Synchronize valuable information such as teams position, drone status, mission details and more, in real time and across multiple device types, making team collaboration easier than ever.

    DJI FlightHub 2

    DJI Dock

    The DJI Dock (M30 Series Dock Version) has flagship-level performance with a maximum operation range of 7 km8, IP55 weather resistance, and resilience in temperatures ranging from -35℃ to 50℃9.

    DJI Dock

    1. Measured at 36 km/h uniform speed in a windless environment. Actual flight duration may vary depending on the environment, flight mode, and accessories.

    2. Takeoff and landing can withstand wind speeds up to 12 m/s.

    3. The service ceiling of 7000 m is achievable with high altitude propellers.

    4. The DJI Cellular Dongle is currently only supported in Mainland China. Please contact your local dealer for details.

    5. The maximum value is taken for both.

    6. D refers to the vertical distance between the laser rangefinder and the reflective surface.

    7. The Matrice 30 Series (Dock Version) has an additional integrated charging module. Please note that the M30 Series is not compatible with the DJI Dock and cannot be upgraded or modified to become a Dock Version.

    8. Measured in clear environments without transmission or signal interference.

    9. Based on 25℃ ambient temperature measurement. As ambient temperature increases, the battery cooling time will increase and the operating interval will be extended.

    10. The TB30 can achieve up to 400 charge cycles within a 12-month period if it’s charged to 90% or higher for fewer than 120 days combined. Battery-related information can be viewed in the Health Management System on the DJI Pilot APP.


    Dimensions (unfolded, excl. propellers) 470×585×215 mm (L×W×H)
    Dimensions (folded) 365×215×195 mm (L×W×H)
    Diagonal Length 668 mm
    Weight (incl. two batteries) 3770 ± 10 g
    Max Takeoff Weight 4000 g
    Operation Frequency[1] 2.4000-2.4835 GHz
    Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC); 7lt;20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)
    Hovering Accuracy (windless or breezy) Vertical: ±0.1 m (Vision System enabled); ±0.5 m (N-mode with GPS); ±0.1 m (RTK)
    Horizontal: ±0.3 m (Vision System enabled); ±1.5 m (N-mode with GPS); ±0.1 m (RTK)
    RTK Positioning Accuracy (fixed RTK enabled) 1 cm+1 ppm (horizontal)
    1.5 cm+1 ppm (vertical)
    Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 150°/sec.;
    Yaw: 100°/sec.
    Max Tilt Angle 35° (N-mode and Forward Vision System enabled: 25°)
    Max Ascent/Descent Speed 6 m/s, 5 m/s
    Max Tilt Descent Speed 7 m/s
    Max Horizontal Speed 23 m/s
    Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level (without other payload) 5,000 m (with 1671 propellers) 7,000 m (with 1676 propellers)
    Max Wind Speed Resistance 15 m/s 12 m/s during taking off and landing
    Max Hover Time [2] 36 min
    Max Flight Time[2] 41 min
    Motor Model 3511
    Propeller Model 1671 / 1676 High Altitude (not included)
    Ingress Protection Rating[3] IP55
    GNSS GPS+Galileo+BeiDou+GLONASS
    (GLONASS is supported only when RTK module is enabled)
    Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)


    Angular Vibration Range ±0.01°
    Controllable Range Pan: ±90°
    Tilt: -120° to +45°
    Mechanical Range Pan: ±105°
    Tilt: -135° to +60°
    Roll: ±45°


    Sensor 1/2" CMOS, Effective pixels: 48M
    Lens Focal length: 21-75 mm (equivalent: 113-405 mm)
    Aperture: f/2.8-f/4.2
    Focus: 5 m to ∞


    Sensor 1/2" CMOS, Effective pixels: 12M
    Lens DFOV: 84° Focal length: 4.5 mm (equivalent: 24 mm)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focus: 1 m to ∞


    Thermal Imaging Camera Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
    Lens DFOV: 64°
    Focal length: 9.1 mm (equivalent: 40 mm)
    Aperture: f/1.0
    Focus: 5 m to ∞
    Infrared Temperature
    Measurement Accuracy[4]
    ±2°C or ±2% (using the larger value)


    Resolution 1920×1080
    DFOV 161°
    Frame Rate 30 fps


    Wavelength 905 nm
    Max Laser Power 3.5 mW
    Single Pulse Width 6 ns
    Measurement Accuracy ± (0.2 m + D×0.15%)
    D is the distance to a vertical surface
    Measuring Range 3-1,200 m
    (0.5×12 m vertical surface with 20% reflectivity)


    Obstacle Sensing Range Forward: 0.6-38 m Upward/Downward/Backward/Sideward: 0.5-33 m
    FOV 65° (H), 50° (V)
    Operating Environment Surfaces with clear patterns and adequate lighting (> 15 lux)


    Obstacle Sensing Range 0.1 to 10 m
    FOV 30°
    Operating Environment Large, diffuse, and reflective obstacles (reflectivity >10%)


    Capacity 5880 mAh
    Voltage 26.1 V
    Battery Type LiPo 6S
    Energy 131.6 Wh
    Net Weight Approx. 685 g
    Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
    Storage Temperature 20° to 30° C (68° to 86° F)
    Charging Temperature Range -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F)
    (When the temperature is lower than 10° C (50° F),
    the self-heating function will be automatically enabled. Charging in a low temperature
    may shorten the lifetime of the battery)
    Chemical System LiNiMnCoO2


    Effective Illumination Distance 5 m
    Illumination Type 60 Hz, solid glow


    Screen 7.02 inch LCD touchscreen,
    with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels,
    and high brightness of 1200 cd/m2
    Internal Battery Type: Li-ion (6500 mAh @ 7.2 V)
    Charge Type: Supports battery station or USB-C charger maximum rated power 65W (max voltage of 20V)
    Charge Time: 2 hours
    Chemical System: LiNiCoAIO2
    External Battery(WB37 Intelligent Battery) Capacity: 4920 mAh
    Voltage: 7.6 V
    Battery Type: Li-ion
    Energy: 37.39 Wh
    Chemical System: LiCoO2
    Operating Time[5] Internal Battery: Approx. 3 hours 18 min
    Internal Battery + External Battery: Approx. 6 hours
    Ingress Protection Rating[3] IP54
    GNSS GPS+Galileo+BeiDou
    Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)


    Operation Frequency[1] 2.4000-2.4835 GHz
    Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference) 2.4000-2.4835 GHz:
    15 km (FCC);
    8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
    Max Transmission Distance (with interference) Strong Interference (urban landscape, limited line of sight, many competing signals): 1.5-3 km (FCC/CE/SRRC/MIC)
    Medium Interference (suburban landscape, open line of sight, some competing signals): 3-9 km (FCC); 3-6 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
    Weak Interference (open landscape abundant line of sight, few competing signals): 9-15 km (FCC); 6-8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
    Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC); <20 dBm (CE/ SRRC/MIC)


    Protocol Wi-Fi 6
    Operation Frequency[1] 2.4000-2.4835 GHz
    Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz:
    <26 dBm (FCC);
    <20 dBm (CE/ SRRC/MIC)


    Protocol Bluetooth 5.1
    Operating Frequency 2.4000-2.4835 GHz
    Transmitter Power (EIRP) <10 dBm


    Dimensions 353×267×148 mm
    Net Weight 3.95 kg
    Compatible Battery Type TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery
    WB37 Intelligent Battery
    Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Output TB30 Battery Port: 26.1 V, 8.9 A
    (supported up to two outputs simultaneously)
    WB37 Intelligent Battery: 8.7 V, 6 A
    Output Power 525 W
    USB-C port Max output power of 65 W
    USB-A port Max output power of 10 W (5 V, 2 A)
    Power Consumption (when not charging battery) < 8 W
    Output Power (when warming up battery) Approx. 30 W
    Operating Temperature -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F)
    Ingress Protection Rating[3] IP55 (with the cover closed properly)
    Charging Time[6] Approx. 30 min (charging two TB30 batteries from 20% to 90%)
    Approx. 50 min (charging two TB30 batteries from 0% to 100%)
    Protection Features Anti-Backflow Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    Over Voltage Protection
    Over Current Protection
    Temperature Protection


    Footnotes [1] 5.8 and 5.1GHz frequencies are prohibited in some countries. In some countries, the 5.1GHz frequency is only allowed for use indoors. [2] The maximum flight time and the hover time were tested in a lab environment and is for reference only. [3] This protection rating is not permanent and may reduce over time after long-term use. [4] Infrared temperature measurement accuracy was tested in a lab environment and is for reference only. [5] The maximum operating time was tested in a lab environment and is for reference only. [6] The charging time was tested in a lab environment at room temperature. The value provided should be used for reference only.
    All specifications are obtained in laboratory conditions and can only be used as reference data.
    Quadcopter Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    Matrice 30 × 1

    Remote Control for Matrice 30 RC Plus - 1 pc.

    DJI RC Plus Remote Controller × 1

    USB-C cable - 1 pc.

    USB-C Cable × 1

    USB-C to USB-C cable - 1 pc.

    DJI Gimbal Protector × 1

    Carrying case Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    Carrying Case × 1

    Set of screws and tools for Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    Screws and Tools × 1

    Propellers 1671 (CW) for Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    1671 Propeller (CW) × 1

    Propellers 1671 (CCW) for Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    1671 Propeller (CCW) × 1

    Battery charging station BS30 for Matrice 30 - 1 pc.

    BS30 Battery station × 1

    AC power cable - 1 pc.

    AC Power Cable × 1

    2 stickers for TV30 batteries

    Stickers for TB30 batteries × 2

    Matrice 30 user manual - 1 pc.

    Matrice 30 User Manual × 1


    1. What’s the difference between the Matrice 30 and the Matrice 30T?

    The Matrice 30 series includes two versions: M30 (its gimbal and camera have three sensors: wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder) and M30T (its gimbal and camera have four sensors: wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder, thermal imaging camera).

    2. Which version of the M30 is compatible with the DJI Dock?

    The DJI Dock is compatible with the M30 (Dock version) and the M30T (Dock version), but not regular M30 series drones. This is because the M30 (Dock version) has slight differences in its body to be compatible with the DJI Dock. When you purchase the DJI Dock, it includes the M30 (Dock version) or the M30T (Dock version).

    Is frame arm lock detection supported?

    Yes. M30 series aircraft comes with frame arm lock function. If the arm is not unfolded properly, the app will give a warning to prohibit takeoff.


    1. How long does it take to fully charge two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries?

    With a BS30 Intelligent Battery Station, it takes about 50 minutes to fully charge the two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries, about 40 minutes to charge up to 90%, and only about 30 minutes to charge up from 20% to 90%.

    2. Can TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries be used in low temperature environments?

    TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries can work in operating environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F). Battery life will be shortened when used in low temperature environments. Please plan your flight times accordingly. For optimal battery performance, it’s recommended to keep the battery temperature above 18°C (64°F), or heat the battery to 18°C (64°F) with its self-heating function (a takeoff limit will be triggered if the battery temperature is below 10°C (50°F)).

    3. Can I board a plane with a TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery?

    TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery’s power level is 131.6 watt hours. Please comply with local airline regulations when planning to fly with batteries.

    4. Why does the battery heat up when stored for a long time?

    Long-term storage of a lithium battery at full charge will significantly shorten its battery life. In order to ensure safe storage and extend the battery life, a fully charged battery will activate its auto-discharging function to discharge itself to a level of about 60%. During the auto-discharging process, it will release some heat, which is normal.

    Battery Station

    1. Does the BS30 Intelligent Battery Station support auto-discharging?


    Remote Controller

    1. Is the M30 series remote controller (RC) compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK?

    It will be supported in the future.

    Gimbal and Camera

    1. Can the gimbal and camera of the M30 Series be replaced with other payloads?

    Gimbal and camera are fixed cannot be replaced.

    2. What photo modes are available on the M30 series aircraft?

    It is possible to work in several modes:

    • Single Shot,
    • High-res Grid Photo,
    • Timed Shot,
    • Panorama
    • and Smart Low-light Photo.
    3. How to use the gimbal lock function? Why does it need to lock the gimbal?

    Flip the gimbal up by 90° to lock its tilt.

    Lock the tilt to better protect the camera lens and prevent scratches during transportation or storage of the aircraft. The gimbal can be quickly and easily unlocked when arriving at the operation site, greatly reducing preparation time for the operation.


    1. Does the M30 series support SDK function?

    Yes. Supports Payload SDK and Mobile SDK. The Payload SDK interface on top of M30 series aircraft integrates the functions of Onboard SDK.

    Please contact dev@dji.com for further technical support.

    2. Does the M30 series support accurate mapping?

    Not supported. TheM30 series is not designed for aerial surveying. Users can plan a flight path and capture photos in the aerial FPV mode of DJI Pilot 2.0 App, but the model’s accuracy is not guaranteed.

    3. Can the M30 series be used with D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?

    Yes. Upgrade the firmware of D-RTK 2 Mobile Station to the latest version to use with the M30 series.


    1. How to upgrade the firmware of the M30 series?

    1. Connect the aircraft to a computer and update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller (RC), and D-RTK 2 Mobile Station by using DJI Assistant 2 For Enterprise.

    2. Use DJI Pilot 2.0 App to update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller (RC), and BS30 Intelligent Battery Station.

    3) Download the firmware on DJI website(hyperlink), and insert the SD card with the firmware package into the aircraft for offline update.

    See the User Manual for more information.

    2. Does the M30 series support dual control?


    3. Which apps are supported by the M30 series?

    DJI Pilot 2.0 (For Android) and other software developed by using MSDK.


    1. Can the M30 series be used in different regions?

    The M30 series includes two versions: the Chinese version and the International version. Please check with the local aftersales ModelForce service center and the dealers about the availablity of the product.

    2. Will DJI launch an official M30 series backpack?


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    DJI Matrice 30T (With Thermal)

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