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The FIXAR 025 UAV is an excellent tool for safe and stress-free BVLOS missions, which is ensured by an advanced payload security system, BlackBox data backup, UTM API and no additional equipment for launch or landing.

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    ModelForce osta VTOL Fixar 025 Droon Eestis

    FIXAR 025


    For Commercial Operations

    Enhanced Flight Performance

    The FIXAR 025 is an autonomous full-electric drone designed to handle large-scale and long-range missions for commercial and industrial applications, such as mapping and inspections, aerial imaging, remote sensing, surveillance and monitoring, and more.

    The FIXAR 025 UAV is an excellent tool for safe and stress-free BVLOS missions, which is ensured by an advanced payload security system, BlackBox data backup, UTM API and no additional equipment for launch or landing.

    The low-maintenance and easy-to-use drone supports the integration of heavier and more sophisticated professional payload modules and UTM infrastructure to support operations for a single drone or a drone fleet, and the drone autopilot is AI compatible.

    FIXAR 025 UAV

    The FIXAR 025’s full-body lift design ensures efficient resource consumption and endurance for long-distance flights.

    The FIXAR 025 outdoor drone is fully electric and runs on lithium polymer batteries in comparison with similar-size solutions that run on fuel.


    The closed-source software allows to build and edit a flight mission and monitor missions in real-time using 3D visualization for one or multiple drones simultaneously. The software has automated mission planning and data flow to make the process even easier and faster.

    The setting option is available for experienced operators who prefer to manually adjust mission parameters such as steering angles, etc.


    Already self-proven in operations with FIXAR 007, the improved proprietary autopilot software version 2.0 provides an autonomous flight.

    It is also protected against confidential data breaches and is now compatible with AI and LTE.

    Multi-Purpose Drone for Heavy Payloads

    FIXAR 025 is a versatile customizable drone providing advanced technology solutions for a wide range of industries.

    The drone can be equipped with a variety of heavier sensors and deliver results in fewer flights based on increased flight range and time. FIXAR 025 features a convenient and flexible design of the payload allowing integration with any third-party sensors: RGB, hyperspectral cameras, video cameras, LiDAR scanners, night vision cameras, special dispensers and more.

    The FIXAR 025 model features a high drone payload capacity of up to 10 kg (22 lbs) allowing to combine sensors and load heavier equipment onboard. The increased load capacity unlocks an array of more complex and sophisticated sensor integration to serve industries long awaiting to give wings to their data collectors and fly longer distances.

    Often sensors carried by commercial UAVs significantly exceed the price of a drone itself, therefore it is crucial that the sensor is well secured. The FIXAR 025 drone is equipped with a payload safety system, which ensures the protection of the payload at every stage of the mission from takeoff to landing.


    Type Hybrid (VTOL & fixed-wing)
    Wingspan 2 800 mm (9.2 ft)
    Number of rotors 4
    Max Payload 10 kg (22 lbs)
    Max Takeoff Weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
    Take-off method Vertical, fully autonomous
    Landing method Vertical, fully autonomous
    Protection Protection against strong electromagnetic fields (resulting
    from proximity to high voltage power lines, radio or
    mobile phone base stations, large metal objects, etc.)
    Battery Type Li-Po
    Control method xGroundControl software
    Control Options CE 868-869 MHz, 500 mW
    FCC 902-928MHz, 1000mW
    LTE 4G
    Satellite navigation
    Ability to land / take off at several points Yes
    Change the Flight Path Yes
    Can Land and Take off Anytime and Anywhere Yes
    Flight Time Up to 3.5 hours
    Flight distance Up to 300 km (186 mi)
    Cruise Speed 85 km/h (52.8 mph)
    Max Telemetry Range 100 km (62 mi) or unlimited with satellite/GSM
    Max Flight Altitude Above Sea Level 5 000 m (16 404 ft)
    Wind Resistance 12 m/s (27 mph) during landing and take-off
    15 m/s (33 mph) during mission mode
    Operating temperature -30 °С to +60 °С (-22 °F to 140 °F)
    Operating weather conditions IP54
    Auto Landing Accuracy 3 meters
    Possibility to control without GPSa Yes, RTH


    Control method xGroundControl software
    Operating system Windows, macOS
    Photogrammetry software Compatible with Drone Deploy, Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, Bently Context Capture, Reality Capture and more
    Supported Files .KML, .KMZ, .GeoTIFF, .MBTiles, .WMTS
    Updates Free


    Security Features Data logging system BlackBox, Payload safety system, operations and payload data safety system White Box
    Various payloads RGB Camera, Gimbal video camera, LiDAR sensor, Multispectral camera, Self-engineered bulk dispenser etc.
    All specifications are obtained in laboratory conditions and can only be used as reference data.
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    FIXAR 025 VTOL

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